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Hi, it's me, Jerry Vento. I am the Head Coach with Georgia Ruthless Softball Vento 18U. I have been an ACE certified USA softball coach since the 2012-2013 season. We are Ruthless Softball’s first Georgia team.

3X Olympian Crystl Bustos owns Ruthless Softball/Baseball. Her mission was to help other players become the best player they could be. Over the past few years, she worked with athletes full-time and has learned that to accomplish her goals of building the future of softball it was more than just how well these athletes can hit or field a ball, but about creating, training and developing the COMPLETE athlete. Thus, her vision was born: Create a company and form a team of coaches that would be an extension of myself committed to building the COMPLETE ATHLETE.

We at Georgia Ruthless Softball Vento 18U are looking for more determined, dedicated players who can commit to putting softball as their second most crucial commitment behind academics. If they are willing to dedicate their time to us, they will be their best, and they will have the best chance at their dreams of being a college softball player. We will have a competitive schedule with tournaments/showcases twice a month in spring and summer, with one fall showcase, two fall tournaments, two practices on tournament weeks, and three practices on the off week, one of them being on a weekend day.

We will train three days a week in the off-season, to have the best chance of capturing a national playoff birth, and set our sights on the run at a national championship! We have Beth Spak coming on to train two of those three days for 12-weeks of our off-season strength, conditioning, and hitting. We can work with the Student/athlete’s workplace to make sure they have time to grow in their workplace.

In August I was at the Ruthless Softball/Baseball’s annual coaches clinic in Dallas, Texas. Ruthless Softball/Baseball hold their coaches to strict guidelines in implementing Ruthless Athletics Training regiment into their daily workouts. I guaranteed Coach Crystl Bustos, “our coaches will educate our athletes with this knowledge, and live this training!”

As all her Ruthless Softball/Baseball teams, Coach Crystl will also have 1-2 of her Elite coaching staff put on an all-day clinic with our team at our field, or facility at least four times a year. If your player is interested in our team tryouts or wants to schedule us to come see them play, or schedule a personal workout email us at Please contact me with questions or concerns anytime at 470-385-9844.

Thanks, Coach Jerry


Private tryouts will be held October 6th, 13th, and 20th 4:30-7pm at Pickneyville Park 4758 S Old Peachtree Rd. Norcross, Georgia 30071. (No Walk-up registrations Please) 


College Coaches!!

Looking for a stand out student athlete for you team? Click the SportsRecruits Image to the right and be re-directed to our team recruiting site where you can view our player's profiles, game/skills video as well as athletic and academic achievements. 

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Visual Profile

GA Vento News

Player Profiles & Recruiting

12/01/2017, 2:15pm PST
By Coach-T

Below is the link to the new player profile template. Hopefully you can view it with no problem.  It is on new private section of the website "College Link" that I am working with Crystl and AK to develop for the organization and our team.

Please fill out the new profile and email back to me in Word. What I hope to do is for our team is create a .pdf for each player with a links back to your personal page; so when you send your profile to college coaches they can quickly be directed to your page and your accomplishments.


We are also working with a new 3rd party system and Coach DH that will help with college recruiting, and navigating the process.


To this end, you want to be sure that your profile has the most up to date information on it, including academic info, video and photos.  If you have a standout play in a particular game, please let Mr. Raphaelson know and we'll see if we can't pull video footage, knowing game date and inning will help locate the footage. If we can find it, I will edit it and upload to your page.


If and when you have new material that needs to be added, please email me and I’ll upload it.


In an ongoing effort to help our team grow and prosper, I have spoken with both Crystl and will be amending my coaching responsibilities in an effort to promote our program, our team, our players and ultimately expand the number of players signed. Recruiting and getting each of you signed to a great college is an area I think we can intensify our focus on and I am excited about jumping in to assist each of you with this.  I will proactively be helping each of you get your profile looking tip top and be sure you are on top of your recruiting emails, help out as needed and be a team/player resource both on and off the field!

Lots more to come but that is all for now.

Profile shells at

Be Ruthless,




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A partial list of Olympic and Professional Players who help with Ruthless Training: 

  • Crystl Bustos 3x Olympian
  • Leah Amico O’Brien 3x Olympian
  • Lori Harrigan 3x Olympian
  • Lovie Jung 2x Olympian
  • Jenny Topping Olympian
  • Andrea Duran Olympian
  • Amanda Kamekona 7 year Pro player UCLA grad
  • Katiyana  Mauga pro player
  • Alex Powers
  • Missy Taukeiaho

Contact Information:

Jerry Vento

Jerry Vento


Phone: 470-385-9844

James  Jones

James Jones

Assistant coach

Phone: 770-331-9041

Josh Barrett

Josh Barrett

Assistant Coach

Phone: 770-375-7615

Georgia Ruthless Softball Vento 18-U has three tiers of sponsorship. Bronze $1-$1000, Silver $1001-$2499, and Gold $2500 and up. All sponsors are listed on our Georgia Ruthless Softball team website. Our Silver sponsors are named on our team page, have their business name on our team 6'X12' team banner displayed on our practice field and on our team dugout during every game at every tournament/college showcase we attend. Our Gold Sponsors will be listed on our team page,  have their business name on our team 6'X12' team banner displayed on our practice field and on our team dugout during every game at every tournament/college showcase we attend, and we will offer a direct link to your company website. All donations go directly to the teams expenses, and make it possible for us to attend great events, getting the best exposure for our athletes and organization, and help in our quest to capture a National Playoff Birth, and help us in our journey to be National Champions.